colorful box+foam     
											汽车模型 定制吸塑+大白盒     
											汽车模型 PE袋+小白盒     
											汽车模型 宣传纸盒+发泡胶     
											汽车模型 塑料圆盒+车型吸塑+宣传卡纸     
											汽车模型 街景底台+街景卡纸+装饰+透明罩     
											plastic box+interior foam     
											large transparent cover+paper card     
											circular cover+circular box+blister     
											blister cover+promotional card    
          Welcome! Our Service:assist customer in developing new diecast car models;producing die cast car models according to your picture / sample

1. Can I wholesale or retail models from your factory ?
A : Sorry , actually all products on the website are just for reference purpose , we provide tooling making and products manufacture service to our customers , but according to contract , the ownership of the tooling belongs to our customers , we do not have the right to use . So we can not provide wholesale and retail service directly .

2. What kind of service does your factory provide ?
A : 1). Customize products with your drawings
     2). Customize products with your samples
     3). New design of die cast models

3. What is the minimum quantity to produce a new metal model car ?
A : small size : 3000 pcs (1:87 - 1:43)
     large size : 1000 pcs (1:36 - 1:8)

4. Can you give me "roughly" an indication about the price ?
A : we have to make a prototype first , ane then tooling , products last , so total price = prototype fees + tooling fees + unit price x quantity .
     the price of them are different , but usually a set of tooling will take you 3000 - 4000 USD , a complete car model need several sets of tooling

5. Can you give me "roughly" an estimation about how many time it takes to create a new model car? Initially a digital simulation/prototype is made ?
A : Generally speaking , we have to make a prototype first for 3d drawing , it will take you about 30 days . If you can provide 3D drawing or sample yourself , then we can skip this step .
     3 - 4 sets of tooling will take you about 25 - 35 days , the more , the longer . 6. What experience does your factory have? Did you create model cars for famous brands of scale models ?
A : we have cooperated with GreenLight , JohnnyLightning , ERTL , SEGA Toys and so on , that made us win a high reputation in the die cast model industry . You can visit us for identification . 7. Can you send me some samples produced by your company ?
A : Sorry , we can not send samples to you without agreement of the owner .

8. Can I know more details of your factory ?
A : Of course , please feel free to contact us for more information !

    Production process
      Contact us
  Name : WeiZhen Hardware Factory
  ADD   : ShuAn Industrial Park
               ShuTian Community
               HuMen , DongGuan
               GuangDong , China
  TEL    : +86-769-81515155
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